The Queen of Scottish Salmon Rivers

The River Lochy

The Fishing!

The River Lochy offers the salmon angler some of the most spectacular and scenic salmon fishing in the UK. Condensed into just 10 miles, it meanders it’s way through the Great Glen with the backdrop of Ben Nevis (UKs highest mountain) and the surrounding peaks.  Although its setting can only be described as peaceful & tranquil the fishing itself is more adrenaline filled with a “real” possibility of catching a fish of a lifetime!    Over the last few years the river has produced more than it’s fair share BIG spring fish with a typical average weight of 17lbs (7-8kilos).   

The season is divided into 3 categories :

Mid-May-July – Lochy Springers- MSW salmon averaging 16-17lbs, up to 30lbs – mostly fresh/sealiced

AugustMainly Grilse with some small MSW salmon – mostly fresh/sealiced

September-Mid October –  Autumn Grilse and some big late running MSW salmon

The Lochy has seen a remarkable revival over the last 20 years .  From a mere 32 fish in 1998 (for the whole catchment) to an average now of around 450 salmon and grilse.   With its majestic backdrop, mouth-watering pools and glides, it still is, without doubt, “The Queen of Scottish Salmon Rivers”.