Beat 1

Beat1 Map


(Heights stated are on Beat 1 Gauge)

Key for water heights

L – Low             M- Medium               H-High

  1. Croy (L-M-H): Left bank fishing at most heights. Best at 6”-1ft 6”. Fish can be taken in the fast top section close to the metal railings in low water and all the way down the railings in low/medium flows.       Salmon will lie in the hole at the bottom end of the metal rails. In higher water (1ft 9” +) the middle – tail section can be fished from both banks to good effect. Wading is required in this pool to fish it effectively. NOTE:       take care wading the fast top section as the gravel is unstable.
  2. McKillop(L) : Right bank fishing in low to medium heights down to Boat. This is a relatively shallow run with a small pot at the top which will only stop running fish for a short period. Fish will favour the middle to right hand side of the main flow.
  3. Pile Stream(L-M) : A continuation of McKillops. Fishes best from right bank but left bank fishing also good, starting just above the boat. Fishes best from 6”-1ft 3”. Right bank will always favour the higher water. Fish can be taken from above the croy on left bank all the way down to 20 yards past the gravel spit on right bank.
  4. Pile Pool (M-H): Right bank fishing. Best at 1ft 6”+ . Start at canal overflow and fish from the bank right through almost to top of Jetty. No wading required. Tail section will fish from left bank in higher water (2ft+) – Deep wading required from left bank. Fish can be taken anywhere depending on height, but make sure and fish it right through. Hand lining maybe required in places.
  5. Jetty (L): Left bank fishing when on island. Fishes best from 3” to 1ft 2. Fish tend to lie just opposite rock face on the right bank. This pool takes only 10-15 minutes to fish so go through quickly and then leave it for 30 mins and try again.
  6. Rock (L-M): Left bank fishing when on island. Fishes best up to 2ft 6”. Salmon will lie close in so no deep wading and fish with stealth. Where the 2 flows meet, just down from the small seat, is a key area. As you approach the tail, lengthen line and cast towards the large boulders on the right bank. Salmon can often rest here as they enter the pool.   Take care wading across to island when river is 1.5Ft+. If river is rising best wait till it starts to fall back.
  7. Autumn Run (L-M): Left bank fishing starting just below island. Top section fishes best in low water – less than 4”. Bottom section fishes best at 9”-1ft6” but will still fish at much higher levels. Fish can lie close to left bank in tail section so deep wading not required.
  8. Coulgormack (M): Right bank fishing is probably easier (although the left bank is also possible with a long deep wade down the middle of the river). Best at 1ft 3”+. Start at croy on right bank and fish right down to start of treeline. Access to right bank is via Golden burn boat (NB. this pool has shallowed in recent years although it still has a deep channel down the right bank)
  9. Sandy Haven(L-M): Right bank fishing is best. Best above 6” up to 1ft6”. Take Boat across and walk up pathway. Wade in and start just as shallow goes to deep at the top of the pool……and cast a longish line. Be careful as your wadeline becomes deeper as you move down into the slacker water, so edge back towards the bank. Continue fishing into Golden Burn.
  10. Golden Burn (M): Right bank fishing (left bank possible but hazardous). Best at 1ft 3” – 2ft. A continuation of Sandy Haven, it fishes all the way down just past a small burn on the right bank…opposite where you find the boat.  There are many lies in this pool across it width so fish it through more than once if you can. Do not be tempted to wade deep…..knee depth is enough.