Beat 2

Beat 2 Map

Pools :

Key for water heights :

L – Low             M- Medium               H-High

(Heights stated refer to Beat 2 Gauge at Boat Pool)

  1. Blackcairn Flats (H): Left Bank ONLY for this beat. High water pool which fishes best between 3ft-6ft on left bank. Can be a great pool at the backend of the year. Access via track from carpark – walking only.
  2. Keyhole (L-M): Left bank fishing. Wade across at the tail of Blackcairn flats. Take care when wading across!! This pool has changed and shallowed recently as the channel on left bank has widened. Start by fishing fishing the narrow neck section as it spills out of Blackcairnflats. Fish all the way down to where the streams separate. This pool neck will fish in lower water but the main body of the pool now requires 1ft3 to offer any depth and the possibility of a resting fish.
  3. Bulls Run (L-M): Fished from either bank but left is best @ 6”-1ft 4”. From left bank start where all streams converge.       Fish through to “V” at the tail of the pool. The best lies tend to be in the upper and middle sections.       The deeper channel is middle to right bank so make sure to cover whole pool. There are some large submerged rocks half-way down which provide good resting spots for running fish.
  4. Boat Pool (L-H): This pool has seriously filled in with gravel over last few years. It will fish from either bank. Left bank is preferred if water is 4ft+ as fish will move close-in to this bank. Start well up from hut, just past the gate, and fish down to the island. No wading.    In Lower water right bank is best. Start at the neck and fish down past island point for about 30 yards. Fish can often hold around the island point in low summer levels. Hand lining is necessary here due to the back-eddy.  Fishing from the island is also possible and effective as you can hang the fly in the channel – and fish it much deeper.
  5. Garrabhudie Flats (M-H): Fishes equally well from either side. Best between 1ft 3”- 3ft”. LB – Start 30 yards up from wooden Steps (go further up pool in higher levels) and fish all the way down to the V-tail section where Croy extends.       RB- fish all way down from Island. This is a holding pool and can be productive at heights stated.       Tail section can be exciting with a Sunray Fly on the surface.
  6. Garrabhudie Stream (L-M-H): Best from Left bank. (Right bank possible but tricky) Will fish at almost any height. If levels are below 1ft concentrate on the faster top section and the tail section (the last 50yards above potholes) From 1ft 3” – 6ft the main section of the pool will start to fish in addition to top and tail. As the height increases the fish just move closer to the left bank. Wading is required at all heights.   Best high water pool on the river!
  7. Potholes (L-M): Fishes from left bank only. This is now a continuation of G-Stream. They are 3 small sections which are clearly defined by small ripples and flow diversion. These are great spots to intercept running fish  No serious wading and stealth required as the river is narrower at this point.
  8. Graveyard (L-M): Fishes from either bank and best from 3”-3ft. At lower levels on the left bank, wade out to cover the fast narrow top section. Hang your fly in this stream. Start to edge back in towards bank when you reach the deep hole. In medium flows, the middle and tail section will fish nicely, but careful wading required. Access to right bank via Pollock boat, or wade across in low flows at top of Loymouth.
  9. Loymouth (L-M): Much shallower than it used to be but still holds running fish. Fishes from either side and best between 6”-2ft. Start above where Loy enters Lochy and fish through. Half way down pool is the best spot.   Fish are sometimes taken in the faster water between Loymouth and Pollock so worth a few casts, especially from Left bank. Access to right bank via Pollock boat.
  10. Pollock (L-M): A beautiful fly-fishing pool! Fishes from either side. Left bank best in high water – 3ft+ from boat down for 30yards. Right bank best between 6”-2ft The top section, from boat down for 100 yards, is the most productive section.    If fish are showing further down pool, then fish on.