Beat 3

Beat 3 Map


Key for water heights :

L – Low             M- Medium               H-High

(Heights stated refer to Beat 3 Gauge at Drainpipe)

  1. Governor (L-M): Fishes from Left bank only. Start at the top of the stream, where it is quite shallow from left bank to mid-river. Try and cover right into far bank where the deeper channel runs. Fish this all the way down to where the Sheriffs burn runs out on the left bank. Best from 6in-1ft6.
  2. Lodge Run (M): Fishes best from right bank and best from 1ft3-2ft6 This is basically a channel spanning from mid river to left bank from tail of Governor to top of Drainpipe. The river bed is undulating, creating a few lies for running fish, but fish quickly and move on. Wading is easy all way down but care should be taken in higher flows. Access from Camisky boat or in lower levels wade across tail of Governor.
  3. Drainpipe (M): Fishes from both banks and best between 9” and 2ft3. Start 20yards down from SEPA station and fish through to Upper Camisky. Wading is required on both banks. This is not a deep pool but it has small pots and large boulders that can pause a running fish. Fish thoroughly.
  4. Upper Camisky (L-M-H): Fishes from both banks but easiest from left side. Will fish from minus on the gauge to 4ft. Key taking areas are above, opposite and below the white post on right bank and the tail-out section where the flow picks up pace and larger boulders create some interesting lies. In low to medium flows deeper wading is required in the top section to enable the fly to be presented into the deep channel close to the right bank. In higher flows (2ft9+) fish will move closer to left bank and opposite the hut can be a key spot.
  5. Middle Camisky (L-M): Fishes from left bank only and best from 4” to 1ft 9. This is the run between Upper and Lower Camisky but has a deep hole on the right bank and some excellent lies mid stream.   After fishing out Upper Camisky come out of the water. Ankle deep wading only to fish the top and middle part of this pool.   At mid-pool, wade out a little and fish toward the right bank and follow this line down into Lower Camisky.
  6. Lower Camisky (L-M): Fishes from Left bank only and best from 9inches to 2ft3. Following your wading line from tail of Middle Camisky make sure you are landing your fly as close to right bank cliff face as possible. Fish pool through making sure you cover the large boulders in the deeper channel. Some other lies have been created in the tail-out area so give this some attention also.
  7. Fank (L-M): Fishes from either side (bit best from right) and has become a productive pool again after a few barren years. Will fish well from a few inches to 1ft 3.   Middle to tail is the best taking area. Careful but deep wading required on left bank as you need to cover the pool and cast towards the kidney stone on the right bank. Access is by path downstream using the Upper Camisky boat.
  8. Rail (L-M): Fishes from left bank and best from 6inches to 1ft 9. Start where the river takes a slight dogleg to the left and wade close into left bank or on the bank itself.
  9. Rock Pool (M): Fishes from left bank and is a continuation of Rail. Fishes best from 1ft6 to 2ft6. The area above and down to the Rocky outcrop has depth and good lies.   Be stealthy here as the channel is from left to middle river.
  10. Falls Pool (L-M-H): Fishes best from left bank. Best from 9inches to 2ft3, but will still produce fish in bigger and even lower flows.   Start above dead tree on right bank casting a long line over into the darker water. Fish will usually lie from middle to right bank, unless water is 3ft plus, where they move closer to left bank.    From the high bank you will see the rock formation in the main part of the pool, which has many holding lies. Make sure you cover this area effectively. Wade with care and do not wade too deeply in higher flows!

To fish the Lip of the Falls, where the water starts to break and go over the falls, no wading is necessary. Fish will often stop and lie as soon as they come up over the falls. This area has good depth and flow and one of the best intercepting spots on the river at the right height (1ft+). Another great spot for fishing a sunray shadow high and fast. Don’t allow a hooked fish to go over falls as it will break you – use heavy duty cast if fishing here and guide the fish upstream into the main pool as soon as possible.

Gorge (L) : Fishes best in low water – 3inches or less. Right bank fishing but there is a very steep path down on the left bank for the adventurous! Start right at the very top and fish right through.   This is an ideal spot for riffle hitch or dibbling. No wading required. Access via boat at Fence pool and walk up.

  1. Fence pool (L-M) : Fishes from left bank. Fishes best from 6inches to 2ft 3. The top section above the boat is quite slow and quirky so hand-lining works best. Below the boat the water picks up pace and you can lengthen line, square cast and cover the “V” area at the tail of the pool. Fish can often rest up here for a while before moving into the deeper part. Fish top part from bank only but you can wade (with caution) below the boat.
  2. Grilse run (L-H): Fishes from left bank on shingle island. This is a relatively fast shallow run but can hold up a running fish for short periods. Start just below tail of fence pool.
  3. Garden pools (M) : Fishes from right bank only on this beat. Fishes best from 6inches to 2ft3. There are 3 parts to this pool. The upper part (top Rock face on LB) has a deep neck section which is a key spot in lower flows. The next section is a long straight run (down to bottom Rock face) which is relatively shallow but will fish nicely above 1ft and has some good lies. Make sure you cover the deeper part of the channel which is tight under the left bank.

The Lower garden then starts where the river starts to dog-leg and deepen. The top section is quirky and not so productive but as the pace and flow evens, this is where fish will lie. There is a gravel bar on the left bank, creating a nice channel and speed of flow. Fish this right to the tail section where it exits to the gorge. Access to this pool is either via Fence boat and walk down or (in the lowest flows only) wade across tail of Grilse run.