Ghillies & Guides

Our team of experienced self-employed Ghillies and Guides are available on a request basis. Daily Rates range from £60-£70per day.

I would highly recommend a guide for any newcomers to the river. Please contact me for availability.

It is advised to book well in advance.

Our current available Ghillies/Guides are as follows:-


Willie Ritchie

Willie has been guiding on the river for the last 12+ years. He has extensive knowledge and experience of all beats and pools. His enthusiasm and big personality makes him a popular choice for many parties. He is an expert spey-caster and tutor. Willie is available throughout the season.

Billy Neil

Billy has been fishing, stalking and guiding for many years in Lochaber. He has seen the Lochy in its heydays through to modern times and has built up an extensive knowledge base throughout this period. This knowledge translates into advice and information, which is invaluable to all anglers.  Billy is available throughout the season.

John MacIsaac

John has Lochy water running through his veins. His appetite for fishing stands him out from the crowd.   He has been guiding on the Lochy for the last 10 years and has built up a great reputation within our client base.   John is available on a limited basis throughout the season.

Joe McGinty

Joe is relatively new to guiding on the Lochy but has been fishing the river for the last 5+ years. He has already built up an excellent knowledge base of the beats and pools.  His enthusiasm and motivational capabilities are second to none and his attention to detail goes beyond the norm. Joe is also an expert fly-tier. Available throughout the season.

Michael Rhoden

Michael has been guiding on the river for the last 5 years. His skills with a rod and a gun are equally impressive making him a popular choice both on the hill and the riverbank. He has built up an excellent reputation amongst our Lochy anglers. Michael is available through May-July only.

Dougie Masson

Dougie has been guiding on the Lochy for the last few years and has already become popular amongst our anglers. He is a true pro in every sense and will add value to any fishing party. Dougie is available on a limited basis only throughout the season.