River height : 3-14inch

Water temp : 54-57 deg F

Air Pressure : 1004-10016Hpa

Weather : rain, clouds and sun = fairly good overhead conditions

Water  – Coloured


This has been a very frustrating week!!!  After weeks of lowish water and dropping loch levels we all hoped for rainfall in the catchment. This we got, however it didn’t fall on the west side but more on the east side. The result was very coloured water from the Roy and Spean and very little Hydro water – water from the Hydro normally dilutes the more coloured and acidic water from our main tributaries.   So….although we saw levels go above 1ft on the Beat 2 gauge the fish did not respond in the usual cooperative way.  The Spean fish ran through and the Lochy fish became rather hard to temp.

Anyway it wasn’t all doom and gloom…… 5 salmon were landed but LDRS was spoiling the fun with almost 3 times as many lost.  The fish were just noncommittal in the take.

Stuart Langs party managed 3 up to 15lbs –

Stuart with his first ever Lochy salmon.


John Milne playing a good fish on Beat 1.

<img class="alignnone size-large wp-image-960" src="http://riverlochy.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/20160625_152307-1024×994.jpg" alt="20160625_152307" width="748" height="726" srcset="http://riverlochy.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/20160625_152307-1024×994.jpg 1024w, http://riverlochy.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/20160625_152307-300×291.jpg 300w, http://riverlochy.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/20160625_152307 online gabapentin.jpg 1055w” sizes=”(max-width: 748px) 100vw, 748px” />

The result!

15lbs Pile

Joe fishing carefully down Rock pool


Rory Campbell with his first ever Lochy salmon – well done!!


Prospects – As I write this the river is still quite coloured but if we get the rain that is forecast (and in the right area) then maybe the hydro will be kind enough to give us some water – and this may change things in our favour.   The fish are there to be caught!!!

River height : 3-8inch

Water temp : 54-58 deg F

Air Pressure : 1008-10016Hpa

Weather : mixed weather but prevailing winds still easterly.


I was fishing the other Queen of Rivers last week (Laerdal) so my account of events is all based on feedback from anglers, club members and ghillies…….however good news always travels fast!

Similar to Laerdal it would appear that most of the action was confined to the lower river, which is not unusual given the prolonged dry spell we have experienced.

The best news of the week was most certainly the return of our hatchery fish.   I am aware of 7 fin-clipped salmon caught last week up to 15lbs.  If anyone has any doubts as to whether hatcheries actually work, this is factual evidence that they do!!   How you then maximise these returns is the part of the process which proves to be more challenging, however we are working on that and hopefully we will continue to see positive results.

A total of 12 salmon were landed on Beats 1-4 with Hendrik Larssons party taking half.  The biggest was a lovely 19lber from beat 2.  David Snead also had a cracking 18lber from Beat 4.  Charlie Auld had a brace of 12lbers from Beat 1.

On the club pools Rab Lees had a great morning with 3… all around 11-12lbs.  Andy Burton had a memorable day landing 4 salmon up to 15lbs……..3 of which were caught on River Spean!!   Other club members also had some good sport.

Hendrik Larsson with a lovely fin clipped fish from the lower beat.


Brian Tolmie with a 13lb finclipped

sTolmie finclipped

Chris Cairns 15lb finclipped

Finclipped Cairns


Low water – a consistent theme this season so far.


Beautiful colours while fishing graveyard pool on Beat 2.



Prospects :  The forecast says RAIN!!  I hope they are correct this time. The river does need a freshen up.  The tides are building so this should help to push some new fish in.

ARiver height : 2-6inch

Water temp : 57-64deg F

Air Pressure : 1012-1018Hpa

Weather : mostly sun but rain and clouds later in week. 16-22deg C


It’s only a very brief update this week as I’m currently in Laerdal….

The tough conditions continued with low water and high river temperatures.

Lower Garden pool in low water..


A total of 6 fish were landed upstream but, as normal under these conditions, the Tail race Beat was the place to be.  Quite a number of good fish were landed including a few fin clipped salmon…..which was great to hear!!

Another big fat fresh fish for George Brogan….


Prospects – the weather seems to have changed a bit and some rain is in the air.  Lets hope we get some fresh water…the fish are waiting


River height : 3-6inch

Water temp : 52-60 deg F

Air Pressure : 1016-1022Hpa

Weather : mostly sun, North East Winds – 16-22deg C


Another week of hot and sunny weather and far from ideal conditions.   However, once again, this did not spoil everyones chances of catching fish.   Those that started early (4am) and fished until late (11pm) got there just rewards and more.  It’s never impossible to catch fish with the sun high in the sky but your chances are notably reduced. Even having tempted a fish to your fly the hook to land ratio in these extreme conditions tends to be much lower.  As was the case this week – we hooked 30 salmon and landed 14……most of those landed were before 10am and after 8pm oxycontin 15 mg.

The big highlight of the week was Paul Hainey’s 27lber from Beat 2. This is his PB and one he’ll remember for a long time.  Well done Paul!

Paul Hainey - 27lbs - Pollock

Not to be completely outdone, Paul’s dad managed this beauty also from Beat 2.



Once again our average size was a fantastic 14.5lbs with some lovely fish around the 18-19lb mark!! 

18lbs JG

18lbs pollock



Some other great news was the arrival of some our own hatchery(fin clipped) fish. 2 were landed, both around the 10lbs mark and in lovely condition.



My Fly of the week has been named the “Pink Panther”


It not only caught a few salmon, but also 4 brown trout, 4 seatrout and a herring gull…….

Prospects –  The forecast is predicting more hot weather but we may also get some cloud and rain. We need rain badly! With the current low water conditions the salmon will tend to run in the hours of darkness so best to adopt a more Scandinavian approach to your fishing days.

River height : 5-8inch

Water temp : 48-52 deg F

Air Pressure : 1012-1016Hpa

Weather : mostly sun, North East Winds – 10-18deg C


What a week!!!

It is often said that if a season starts well then it usually continues.  Of course there are many factors which can influence our success rate and ability to catch but first and foremost you need fresh fish entering your river.   Last week was a great example of this.

Conditions on the whole weren’t ideal……The weather did its uptmost to make life difficult with many sunny days and north-east winds.  However if you were prepared to get on the river for 6am and fish until 10pm (and pay attention to tide times) then you were rewarded with some stunning fish.   Quite simply, it was a week that required a bit more thought and planning.

A total of 20 MSW salmon were landed on the beats with an average weight of 14lbs.  Biggest was 18lbs but most were around 14-15lbs.  Many were sealiced and in the best shape and condition you could wish for.    A further 2 were landed on the club beats (by Iain Lamont) weighing 16 and 20+lbs.

This is salmon fishing at its best……..and for quality of fish- it doesn’t come much better

I have to mention Jason Thorntons party who were the top rods with 10 fish. Well done!


A lovely 14lber from Camisky pools

14lbs Camisky_Fotor

Another beauty from Kitten pool


Iain Lamont’s 20lber from Castle pool


Early morning under the shadow on ben Nevis – stunning

Cruive and Ben_Fotor


Prospects : I’d like to say more of the same please.   Clearly there is no reason why we shouldn’t see fresh fish continuing to come into the river, BUT the weather factor will be against us (see below) and with no rain forecast river levels may well start to drop.   Again some planning maybe necessary to organise your fishing day.



River height : 4-6inch

Water temp : 47-50 deg F

Air Pressure : 1006-995Hpa

Weather : some cloud and sun, ave 14 deg C.

Another week with 7 fish landed (with an average weight of 12.6lbs) and 2 lost.   With the water dropping and remaining extremely clear,  the fishing was slightly more difficult this past week.  In fact, the first 3 days produced very little to the upstream rods,  however the club guys were starting to pick away.    I know of 4 caught ranging between 16-19lbs.  With a change in weather mid-week the running behaviour of the salmon changed also.  Fish were seen going through the beats each day, even with the continued lower levels……  obviously knowing a change in river conditions was looming. Sure enough the river rose to almost 3ft on Saturday.

Best flies were once again The Sunray Shadow and this little beauty (un-named as yet)….see below.



Prospects : Dare I say “this coming week should be good”!!!


14lbs – Beat 3

14lbs Falls_Fotor

19lbs – Tailrace stream

19lbs stream_Fotor


River height : 1ft – 6inch

Water temp : 47-53 deg F

Weather – cloudless skies, North/East winds and 20+ deg C.

A total of 7 fish landed (with an average weight of 15lbs) and 4 lost …….which I’d say is an excellent start to our season given the reasonably light rod effort throughout the week and the prevailing weather conditions.

Beats 1 and 2 were the top beats as the fish migrated through the bottom river fairly quickly with the rising water temps.

As usual the Sunray Shadow was the best fly in the clear water.

All in all a very encouraging start and great to see some early fish splashing about in the pools.


Andy Burton – Beat 2.

Burton-Beat 2

JV – Beat 1



Brian Tolmie – Beat 2 (his 2nd on the season from the same lie)

<img class="alignnone size-full wp-image-899" src="http://riverlochy.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/tolmie-beat-2.jpg" alt="tolmie-beat 2" width="640" height="360" srcset="http://riverlochy.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/tolmie-beat-2.jpg 640w, http://riverlochy.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/tolmie-beat-2-300×169 description.jpg 300w” sizes=”(max-width: 640px) 100vw, 640px” />


Prospects for coming week – Tides are building and rain is forecast…..we need it now.

With a bit more cloud cover and lower daytime temps, the conditions look more favourable however the low water will dictate a bit more thought and stealth to entice a springer to the fly.

Not a great deal to report this last week. Low rod pressure and less than favourable conditions resulted in only 3 fish being hooked……and lost….and by the same angler.   A tad unlucky!!  

The water remained a good temprerature (@42deg F) but with fluctuating heights and gale-force winds any fish that were entering the river were not showing nor stopping on the beats.

This coming sees a proper change in weather. The forecast is for high temps, sun and no precipitation. Summer has arrived!!!  Snow melt should keep the water levels and temps at a good level.

With more rods on the river, I would expect a fish or two to be landed.

Our remit to build a new hut on each beat and make further improvements on the river bank have continued again in 2016.



Beat 1 Hut – a great location and the views ain’t bad either.

Beat 1 Hut

Falls pool steps :Falls pool steps