Please note that ALL FIN CLIPPED FISH MUST BE KILLED IN 2016. As part of a Marine Scotland study into the fecundity of returned hatchery fish on the Lochy, all of the ghillies will be carrying equipment to extract and store the ovaries of all hen fin clipped salmon and grilse and take scale samples of all fish. All fin clipped fish caught on the club beats should be reported immediately to the River Manager.


It is vitally important that all anglers are familiar with and adhere to the new C&R rules and legislation for 2016 online pharmacy oxycontin.  See below :

River Regulations

This information can also be downloaded on the download page if you wish to share.


If you want a very good summary of why the new salmon conservation measures introduced by Scottish Government are seriously flawed then watch this presentation by Dr Ron Campbell of the Tweed Foundation. Nearly everything he says in relation to the Tweed could also be applied to the Lochy –


eggs hatch

With the warmer water temps eggs are busy hatching in the trays at the moment. This will last another week or so. The alevins fall through the gaps in the trays to a special substrate at the bottom of the tanks and will spend the next 3 weeks or so absorbing their yolk sacs, which contain all of the nutrient they need for early life in the wild.

The final grade has taken place at the hatchery – this is where fish are passed through a grid to sort out smaller fish that will not smolt this year from larger fish that will be stocked out as smolts. As a result, we now have the final amount of smolts this year. 45,000 fin clipped smolts will be stocked over the coming month into beats 1 to 4 of the River Lochy.

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That’s half (37,000) of this year’s smolts adipose fin clipped this week – many thanks to the team from Salmovac …the other half will have to wait until they have grown a bit…just too fiddly at the moment

Last year’s fry are on their way through the parr stage as we speak….have just moved 44,000 parr from our Loch Arkaig facility to the hatchery and have left 37,000 larger pre smolts on site. After a grading to take out the smallest fish, these 2 stocks will then be combined to form our smolt stocking output this spring.




2016 Availability

Currently there is no availability for 2016.


Please inquire if you are interested for 2017.




Season 2015 summary

A quick summary of 2015 catch stats shows :
A Total return for the whole catchment was 465 salmon and grilse find more information. This equates to a
– 47% increase on 2014 and a 2% increase on the 5 yr average
– 46% v 54% split between salmon and grilse,

A full report for tenants will be communicated soon.