Water height : 4″- 2ft+

Water Temp : 57-61F


The rainy season has finally returned to Lochaber!

After weeks of dry and at times, very hot weather, it was great to see a weekly forecast that favoured the fishermen and not the hill climbers and tourists.   Water levels went from minus to plus 2ft on the Camisky gauge and further rain in the catchment kept the river topped up throughout the week – albeit it was mainly from the Spean and Roy so water colour and clarity wasn’t perfect…… however it got the salmon moving again!

Iain Lamont was quick to capitalise on the improved conditions and landed 2 lovely fresh fish in the Sluggan pool at the start of the week. 1 @ 6lbs and another @ 12lbs.  (Note the red vent in the Grilse)

Upstream on Beats 1-4, the Wilson party also got off to a great start  landing a cracking fish in the high teens and then went on to add a further 2 fish throughout the week.   However the fishing in general remained rather slow which was surprising after such a prolonged dry period.



Further fish were landed (and lost) over the latter half of the week but it was becoming apparent that the numbers fresh run Grilse were still on the low-side ??

With river and weather conditions looking favourable over coming days the fishing could be good if the Grilse arrive in larger quantities.

Lets hope they do!






Water height : -4in to 0in

Water temp :  56-64f

Another week with very little to report in terms of catches, although there are signs that things are starting to change.

The river flucutated by a few inches throughout the week with some intermittent rain giving small rises however it still never made plus on the camisky gauge.

A few more fish were seen in some of the main holding pools indicating that even the small rises may have just been enough to get fish on the move!

The upstream beats were very lightly fished throughout the week with just a few rods venturing out for a few hours each day……and as such not much action was to be had !   However,  as we know in salmon fishing, perserverence sometimes brings reward……and it certainly did for RLA chairman Andrew Shaw.   On Saturday morning he managed to land a lovely salmon in the mid teens of lbs from beat 4.

The forecast for the next few days looks slightly more promising with rain and clouds featuring more than sun and blue sky!    The river does need a proper flush out so let’s hope it comes this coming week!



River height : -2 to -4in

River Temp : 60-64F


Sadly I have very little to report from last week.   The river remains desperately low and the fish are simply not running! Prolonged dry spells such as this typically change the migratory mood of the salmon and they will often choose the safety of the deep Loch to the vulnerability of being in the river in such low water conditions.

Even down on the Tailrace beat, the fishing was slow.  Local angler Chris Cairns managed to land a lovely 8lber but I am not aware of any other fish caught.   There are a few Salmon and Grilse now holding in the main pool and others seen coming in on the tides but I believe the bulk of the fish are staying in the Loch awaiting a change in river conditions.

As I write this, the rain is falling – but will it be enough??    Let’s hopes so!


Water height : -4in

Water temp :  67-70F

Last week was simply a continuation of the week prior – Very low river conditions, high water temperatures and little cloud cover.  The air temperature did drop mid-week which made it feel more comfortable to fish but this made little difference to the upstream rods battling the extreme low water.  No fish were hooked or landed on the upstream beats!

The only chance of a fish was down on the Tailrace and even there it was still challenging.  However 2 salmon were landed by the club anglers – Rab less had an 11lb and  Brian Tolmie a 6lber.   The upstream rods had a hold of 2 but sadly they fell off!   Both salmon and grilse were seen coming in and out with the tides but I would think that many of them will be further out in the Loch awaiting a change in weather and river conditions.

Brian Tolmie – sealiced 6lber.



The forecast for next week is not so encouraging. Although there maybe some rain mid-week I doubt it will be sufficient to make any difference to the river……and then a return to brighter days and high temps.   When will this drought end???


Water height – 4in – (-1in)

Water Temp – 60-70F

Our 2 weeks of reasonable conditions and good fishing abruptly ended as the heatwave returned to Lochaber last week. Daytime temperatures peaked at 31deg C and not a cloud to be seen!   As expected the river levels dropped quickly and we ended the week with minus of the gauge.  Water temperatures also soared, reaching 20 deg C by Saturday afternoon.

These conditions are simply no conducive to catching salmon!   However our anglers did persevere and the Hurrell party managed to find a taking fish on Beat 1 on Friday evening……  a small reward for their efforts and fishing rather unsociable hours.

Down on Tailrace beat things were quiet also. Although fish were seen on most tides,  they were not in a taking mood. Again, one salmon was landed earlier in the week by Iain Lamont – his first of the season!

The forecast does not look too promising for this coming week. More of the same!

The Tailrace beat will be the best chance of a fish as they come in and out with the tides.

Water Height – 5in-1ft 9

Water Temp – 50-58F

This was more like the spring fishing we have come to expect from the Lochy over the last few years.   A total of 13 fish landed and another 8 lost and all but one were double figure salmon with an average weight of 13.5lbs.

Conditions, for once, were good throughout the week.  Although the river did fluctuate rather dramatically at times due to some Hydro maintenance – (which may continue into this coming week also) the much cooler temperatures and cloud cover allowed the anglers to fish during normal daytime hours with confidence and success.

Top rod for the week was Howard Evans. He landed 4 salmon (16, 15, 14, 12lbs) – a couple of these below:-










Christopher Zawadski and Glen Bishop had 3 between them (16, 15, 11lbs) …and Paul Welling had a couple (10, 12lbs) – pictured below – happy angler!

















Simon Munro and Jenny Wellard also had fish each of 12lbs.

I even managed a nice fish myself – there must be a few about!!


It was the return of the “Pink Panther” that did the trick!










On the club beats there was action at both ends.   Down on the Tailrace only 1 fish landed to Rory Campbell but it was a nice fresh 13lber – and a returnee from the hatchery smolt programme !

On Mucomir I heard of a couple being landed – this nice one from John MacIsaac



Another larger fish was also landed, but no details or photo unfortunately.

In the upper catchment there was action at the start of the week with Andy Burton, Steve Ingram and Billy Neil landing a fish each.


Next week sees summer returning with daytime temps heading into the mid-20s.  Tides will be building throughout the week so a combination of early and late fishing combined with tide synchronisation may have to be considered.


Water height – 0in – 2ft +

water temp – 58C


I am currently travelling back from a hard trip to Norway so I will make this quite brief.

In short, the Lochy is back on form. The rains finally came, the river rose and the salmon were there!

The start of the week was slow but once the river settled back from a good rise the fish responded.

Friday and Saturday were the best days with 10 fish hooked and 8 landed…..with only light angling pressure.

It was also pleasing to see a couple of these fish being from hatchery origin.


Jon Gibb with a cracking 18lb hatchery salmon











Jenny Wellard with a nice 10lber from Falls pool.












Steve Wellard’s 14lber from Rock pool on beat 1.

Up on the Spean, there was plenty action also.

Club anglers out on Thursday and Friday had some good sport.  I think around 6 fish were landed and a few lost, including another fin clipped salmon.

Andy Burton with a nice fish from the Spean.


As the weather remains unsettled into next week the river should hold its levels and hopefully the fishing will remain good.



River level : -2in – 1ft+

Water Temperature : 60-68F

As I mentioned in my last report, we did get the anticipated rise in water from last weekend’s rain – it went up over 1ft on both Sunday morning and again on Monday.    However, it didn’t really help our anglers nor the upstream fishing unfortunately.

Monday was simply a right-off as the river was running brown in colour for most of the day (This isn’t typical of the Lochy, but with no Hydro water dilution, the water takes much longer to clear).  With very hot daytimes temps, the rain that fell was also warm and the water temp shot up to 68F.   It took 24 hrs to drop back to normal temperature.

By Tuesday the river was down to a few inches on the gauge and only a hint of colour but still no taking fish were to be found.  However we did see quite a number of new salmon at the Mucomir Dam outflow – they clearly ran straight through on the initial lift in water levels…..  Very frustrating!!!

It was Wednesday before were managed to put a fish in the book – a 5lb grilse from beat 3.   Another salmon was caught on Thursday  – a 10lber from Beat 4.    Both were caught by our 2 Swiss anglers – Rene and Thorsten.  Thorsten also had a 7lb brown trout (on a 5wt rod and light leader) which I guess made his trip to the lochy somewhat memorable.

Bravo les gars!!


Down on the Tailrace, there was more action and its was Chris Cairns and Paul McHugh who were leading the way again. Chris had a 10lber while Paul had one around 14lbs.   Sadly no photos.

On Friday, it was one of our upstream rods- Andy Burton who stole the headlines – a lovely 12lbs bar of silver.

Andy in action……

The result…..


As the week drew to a close club member Richard MacDonald got his season underway with 2 cracking fish on Saturday morning.

1 x 16lbs and 1 x 14lbs.   He also lost another 2 good fish!! Now that’s what you call a good mornings fishing  😮










The forecast looks more promising for next week and the Met office are predicting a change mid-week.  This would be most welcome as the river is becoming desperately low.





River Level – 2-3in

River Temp – 60F

This was not the ideal salmon fishing week! With daytime temps reaching 27C and cloudless skies for most days,  Lochaber was more like the Costa Del Sol, than the west coast of Scotland.  I can’t honestly remember having sustained weather like this in May ever before.  Suffice to say,  the fishing upstream on the beats was extremely hard going.  With just a couple of inches on the gauge and no night time tides,  it was apparent that the salmon decided not to run……and thus we had not a touch on the beats 1-4.

However, down in the estuary beat (Tailrace) the situation was rather different. Fish were seen daily coming in and out on the tide and the club anglers had some welcome action. 3 salmon were landed – a 14lber for Robert Ralston, a 13lber for Chris Cairns…….and a cracking 20lber for Paul McHugh-pictured below.  All were sealiced.


So, although our anglers maybe going home feeling slightly deflated, albeit with a nice tan, it is pleasing to know we have a number of fish waiting to run the river when conditions change!

Ironically that change may have happened last night!  After some heavy thunder showers up the valley yesterday evening, the river rose to over 1ft during the night so hopefully this may have enticed a few fish to run.   We should find on Monday.


The forecast still looks summer-like for the next few days, but less warm than last week…….and maybe an odd thundery shower also.

The tides will be dropping, but high tide will moving to night-time, which may help.

Next weeks anglers should come prepared for low water conditions upstream and fishing early and late!