2019 juvenile density surveys

As part of our fishery management operations we undertake annual electro-fishing surveys throughout the entire catchment – the main stem Lochy, Spean, Roy, Arkaig and all major tributaries. The reports for Lochy, Spean and Roy are below.

Generally speaking these surveys demonstate that, by in large, densities of fry and parr are good throughout most parts of the catchment. This may come as quite a surprise to some, as parts of the river system ‘appear’ to be low on adult numbers. Neverthless these results demonstrate that it does not take many adult spawners to fill the system with young fish – it is the habitat rather than the sheer number of spawners that dictates this.

Where we do have low numbers we can respond to this using our hatchery facility and our prefered approach is currently to reseed these areas with eyed ova in artificial redds bred for captive reared indigenous broodstock (fish that have been trapped as smolts and parr and reared on to adulthood in the hatchery).

The fact that the river system continues to support good numbers of fry and parr means that the river is in good shape and we can only hope that the salmon themselves adapt to whatever challenges are clearly facing them when they reach the sea.