2020 season off with a bang!

Well it was a long time coming but at last we were allowed out to fish again. With only 2 days left in the month we have lost one of our prime spring months so there was a lot of catching up to do. The weather conspired against us though with wall to wall sunshine, but the local rods (all that is permitted for the moment) did well to get some fish in the book. And some cracking fish there were too.

John McIsaac got the scorecard started with a cracking 15lbs fish from Mucomir Pool not long after dawn. Several more fish were lost and seen. He matched this later in the day with a 10lbs fish from the lip of the Falls Pool on Beat 3 on a small Cascade. The McIsaac family are hot favourites to lead the early season charge on any highland river in these parts, and Craig McIsaac proved the point once again by landing a stunning 22lbs Lochy springer also in Mucomir Pool.

Paul MacHugh was in the action down on the Tailrace Beat with a spanking fresh 15 pounder. Meanwhile John Veitch used his usual Sunray Shadow tactics in the lip of the Falls Pool and took a gleaming 10lb fish. Not wanting to be left out of the action, I went out in the evening and was rewarded with a stunning 12lbs typical deep-bellied Lochy springer from Pollock on Beat 2.

So all in all a great start – there are as many fish visible in the system than I have seen by this time in the season for many years. Maybe they have benefitted from the lack of attention. Maybe it is a sign of a good early summer salmon run ahead. Time will tell. But one thing is for sure – everyone agreed that it was mightly fine to be out fishing again!

John McIsaac 15lbs Mucomir Pool
Craig McIsaac 22lbs Mucomir Pool
John Veitch 10lbs Falls Pool
Paul MacHugh 15lbs Tailrace
Jon Gibb 12lbs Pollock


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