Fishing in the bath

Well what can I say? With the river temperature peaking at nearly 70F (21C) on Friday, it was a miracle there was a single fish caught this week – let alone the handful of grilse and sea trout that were landed. A solid 7 days of hot thundery days and very warm nights meant that the temperature just climbed and climbed as the week progressed. Salmon on the Lochy (on pretty much any river actually) become very sluggish over 60F water temperature, let alone 10 degrees higher!

So well done to the T’Kint party who put in some very early mornings and were rewarded with a couple of bright grilse from the Beat 3 Camisky Pools. And the Welling party who also caught a couple for their brief visit, one from Big Rock on Beat 4 and Garrabouie Stream on Beat 2. And finally Chris Cairns who landed a 5lbs grilse from the tail of Lower Camisky. Some sea trout were also landed for the week which was a welcome addition.

We can only hope that a different airflow and weather pattern will now bring some cooler nights and some fresh oxygenated water from the Roy and Spean headwaters to liven everything up again.

Local rod Chris Cairns with his grilse from Lower Camisky


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