Lightly fished but promising

In what was a very lighly fished week (due both to local fishing only and a particularly off-putting downstream gale midweek), the end result of 10 salmon landed was a reasonable result.

At this time of year you have to be lucky to have a taker in front of you as the majority of fish are travelling fast to the cooler depths of the headwaters. There were, however, signs that fish were beginning to hold up in some of the known resting lies slightly longer as the water started to fall away in the second half of the week.

The quality of some of the salmon was absolutely tremendous – really well conditioned and fat fish. Scale reading revealed that most had spent 2 winters at sea. They must be finding food somewhere in the ocean!

Leading the weights was Paul Machugh’s fish from the Tailrace – a sea-liced 18lb bar of silver. The fishing gods shone on me for a change and, fishing known resting lies sporadically through the week, I landed some absolutely cracking early summer salmon of 16lbs, 15lbs and 14lbs.

Craig Macisaac added to his season’s tally with an 8lbs fresh-run fish from Camisky and Rab Lees landed a fish of a similar size from the Tailrace.

Steve Wellard had a great evening on Beat One landing salmon of 13lbs in Croy and 10lbs in Rock Pool, as well as losing a third in Jetty. All fish came to his homemade green and black Samurai. Rory Campbell also took a brace during the week while out after work for a quick cast with a fish of 10lbs from Pollock and 8lbs from Lower Camisky.

With water fast disappearing the rain forecast for this coming week cannot come soon enough. Let’s hope it is enough to top up the lochs, keep the river flowing and the fish running.

Craig Macisaac with his 8lbs fish from Camisky
Some superb quality early summer salmon landed this week of 14lbs, 15lbs and 16lbs from Croy, Kitten and Big Rock
Rab Lees 9lbs from the Tailrace


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