Quiet….very quiet

Sadly the last fortnight has seen mostly low warm water and few fresh fish. Even the residents have been reluctant to move from their deep summer lies and show themselves.

So there was little to encourage the anglers unfortunately. But one or two fish were landed. Seymour Macleod had a 7 pounder from Mucomir Pool and Kenny White a 4 pounder from Croy. Andy Burton had a good 7lbs grilse from Graveyard and Gerard Winnard landed a couple – 4lbs from Kitten on Beat 4 and 5lbs from Graveyard on Beat 2. The party also landed a cracking 4.5lbs brown trout (often the trout can provide some sport when the salmon are sulking, even though few people fish for them specifically).

But special mention this week goes to 17 year old Toby Winnard who, after 5 years of ‘induction’, landed the first salmon of his fishing career – a cracking 17lbs cock fish from Jetty Pool. Well done Toby and here’s to many many more to come!

Toby Winnard’s 17lbs ‘first salmon’ from Jetty
A 4.5lbs Lochy brown trout


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