Steady fishing

With 22 salmon and grilse landed for the week it was a steady week of mid summer fishing. Most rods fishing connected with a fish or two and one of two of the regulars had more than their fair share.

Most of the fish this week were fresh run grilse of around 5lbs to 7lbs, but there was also a run of 2sw salmon of around 10lbs running as well. As we have seen all season, all of the fish were in very good condition.

The river is now holding a good number of fish (and many more have gone through to the Spean) but, that said, they are not showing much. What is very noticeable – and has been the case for several years now – is that the best chance of catching the fish that are entering on most tides is in the first 24 hours. For some reason the fish are very quick to go off the take and are likely sinking to the deepest and coolest holes in the river system within hours of running in. This may be due to a combination of their red vent irritation (this condition is again widespread this year) and also the warmer river temperatures of recent years. I would expect many of these fish to provide a ‘second round’ of sport as they come back on the take as temperatures drop in the autumn.

With some decent sized tides this coming week and the chance of some fresh water on and off through the week, it is hoped that fresh fish will keep running.

Robert Ralston with a typical grilse caught this week
Another typical fresh grilse landed this week – note the very marked red vent condition


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