Week Commencing Aug 6th – Worrying signs on Grilse numbers

Water Height : 2ft

Water Temp : 55-60F

With the best conditions we’ve had all season there was an air of optimism that maybe, just maybe the Grilse would appear in bigger numbers last week.  Sadly they didn’t!   I think it’s fair to say now that the 1SW salmon run (Grilse) has failed to materialise again.   Unfortunately, this is becoming a very worrying trend which extends much further than just the Lochy.


Catches – At the start of the week there did appear to be a few fish going through the system and Steve Wellard managed to land one and lose another first thing Monday morning.    The Mather party then contributed quite substantially to the “lost” tally by losing 3 on Tuesday morning on Beat 2 followed by Michael Mann,  who lost a good big fish on Beat 4.  However,  thankfully we had a celebrity over from Deeside and his flies always seem to attract fish!?!   Ross MacD (fishing with Steve W) doubled our weeks catch with a 7lber from Beat 2 on Thursday night. Well done Ross!



















I really enjoyed spending Friday morning with Ross and his son Calvin on Beat 3.  Sadly we never touched a fish, but it was good to watch father and son discuss tactics while fishing down the Camisky pools.



It looks like more rain is arriving next week, which in all honesty, we could do without.   We need fish, not more water!