Week Commencing June 4th – Team Switzerland deliver in low water conditions…and Tailrace continues to fish well!

River level : -2in – 1ft+

Water Temperature : 60-68F

As I mentioned in my last report, we did get the anticipated rise in water from last weekend’s rain – it went up over 1ft on both Sunday morning and again on Monday.    However, it didn’t really help our anglers nor the upstream fishing unfortunately.

Monday was simply a right-off as the river was running brown in colour for most of the day (This isn’t typical of the Lochy, but with no Hydro water dilution, the water takes much longer to clear).  With very hot daytimes temps, the rain that fell was also warm and the water temp shot up to 68F.   It took 24 hrs to drop back to normal temperature.

By Tuesday the river was down to a few inches on the gauge and only a hint of colour but still no taking fish were to be found.  However we did see quite a number of new salmon at the Mucomir Dam outflow – they clearly ran straight through on the initial lift in water levels…..  Very frustrating!!!

It was Wednesday before were managed to put a fish in the book – a 5lb grilse from beat 3.   Another salmon was caught on Thursday  – a 10lber from Beat 4.    Both were caught by our 2 Swiss anglers – Rene and Thorsten.  Thorsten also had a 7lb brown trout (on a 5wt rod and light leader) which I guess made his trip to the lochy somewhat memorable.

Bravo les gars!!


Down on the Tailrace, there was more action and its was Chris Cairns and Paul McHugh who were leading the way again. Chris had a 10lber while Paul had one around 14lbs.   Sadly no photos.

On Friday, it was one of our upstream rods- Andy Burton who stole the headlines – a lovely 12lbs bar of silver.

Andy in action……

The result…..


As the week drew to a close club member Richard MacDonald got his season underway with 2 cracking fish on Saturday morning.

1 x 16lbs and 1 x 14lbs.   He also lost another 2 good fish!! Now that’s what you call a good mornings fishing  😮










The forecast looks more promising for next week and the Met office are predicting a change mid-week.  This would be most welcome as the river is becoming desperately low.