Week Commencing October 1st – Light Fishing effort but a few landed!

Water height : 3-4ft6

Water temp : 50-52F

The Penultimate week of the season saw few anglers on the river but this probably had a positive impact on the fishing.  A total of 13 salmon were landed – equalling the 2nd best week of the season. All from Beats 1 and 2.  Unfortunately, Beats 3 and 4 are holding very few fish but this is normal in years with such low stock levels within the catchment.

The light fishing effort allowed pools to be rested which, at this time of year, can make a big difference to finding a taking fish.

With a dropping river after Thursdays heavy rainfall, Friday and Saturday were productive days. Kenny MacGregor managed a couple form Garrabduhie stream while Howard Evans finished off his season with an old 18lb cock fish from Garrabudhie flats.
















Next week will draw a close to season 2018. A similar catch return to this past-week will take the total to 100 Salmon/Grilse – better than 2017 but less than half of 2016 and the current 5 yr average.