Week Commencing September 10th – Autumnal conditions improve catches.

Water height – 2ft6-6ft6

Water temp – 52-54F

This is the first September week for a few years that it actually felt Autumnal!  Water levels reached their highest since January-peaking at over 6ft, but more importantly water temperatures dropped from around 60F to low 50s – a key trigger point for salmon migration.   This significant change in conditions was welcomed by the anglers and they took full advantage.

A dozen fish were caught and a few more lost  – not record breaking by previous years standards, but with so few Grilse in the system,  this was a very satisfying result!

As expected,  most of the fish landed were MSWsalmon.  Some had been in river for a good few months, others only a few weeks or quite possibly they were sitting out in the Sea Loch awaiting both water conditions and temperature to change?

Steve Wellards party had the lions of the catch with an average weight of 14lbs.


Pat Webster – a new Lochy tenant and relatively new to salmon fishing, hadn’t landed a salmon before this trip. Not only did he manage 1, but he went on to land a further 2 and lost a couple more.  I should mention he was aided and guided superbly well by Andy Burton – well done to both.   Suffice to say Pat left with a rather large smile on his face!

With further rain and cooler temperatures forecast next week fishing prospects look quite promising.