Week commencing September 17th – No shortage of water!

Water height : 5ft-12ft

Water temp : 50-52F

With continual rainfall in the catchment the river remained high for the whole week.   Monday through to Wednesday were wet and windy days and not the easiest of conditions for the anglers.  River levels peaked at 12ft on Tuesday morning and then 8ft on Thursday making actual fishing somewhat challenging…… but not completely impossible.   Some Lochy pools can often produce at very high levels and indeed two fish were landed at the start of the week with a further 7 caught on Friday and Saturday as water levels steadied off.  Once Again, most were MSW salmon.

On the Upper catchment, the  River Spean benefits greatly from sustained high water and I’ve heard a reasonable number of fish were landed.

The forecast is showing some further heavy rain middle of next week which is bound to increase river levels once again….but this may not be a bad thing!