Week Commencing 3rd September – a welcome return of some fresh fish

There was some minor room for optimism at the start of last week.  River levels finally steadied off and starting dropping back to just over 1ft on the beat 3 gauge. Fishing conditions, for once, were almost perfect.  More encouraging was the appearance of some fresh fish into the system.  Ok, it wasn’t significant numbers but it was enough to provide some action and sport to the anglers.

The best of these was caught by Christopher Zawadski – a fine 18lb fresh cock salmon from beat 2.  A fresh Grilse was also landed on Beat 2.

Unfortunately, this flurry of activity did not last and the latter half of the week was much quieter again.

It looks like the rain is making a return for this coming week so river levels are likely to rise again.  Hopefully it may encourage a few more fresh fish in!!