Week ending 16th June

Definitely not a week to remember on the fishing front! Due to the new turbine at Mucomir (installed last season) running far harder than its predecessor ever did at this time of year, the river has been running at over 2ft for the whole of June. This is far too high for productive fishing. And this was after the whole of May being bone dry and the river running at 0 ins or less – far too low for productive fishing. What a frustrating season so far! Needless to say, we are in urgent communication with the operators SSE to regain a level of normality to the levels.

A high river in early June is especially unproductive as the early fish want to get to the headwaters as fast as possible and will use any water to do so. With far less of these earlier fish present than the later summer fish (and it is clear that the run so far this year has been modest even in spite of the conditions) it can feel a bit like searching for a needle in a haystack when the river is running this high.

May was bone dry followed by first 2 weeks of June when the river was too high!

The rods did persevere through the week but fishing effort was certainly on the light side which was entirely understandable. The only action with salmon I heard of was one good fish being lost at the lip of the Falls Pool late on Saturday evening (just as the river was beginning to fall away at last – which will hopefully bode well for next week).

Again those rods that tried for the trout were rewarded, even though catches were more modest than in previous weeks due to a cold east wind and temperatures more akin to March than mid June!


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