Week ending 17th July

With blazing sun, levels at minus 4 inches and the water temperature approaching 20C, conditions were about as hopeless as you could imagine.

So well done all those that persevered and also to those that managed to connect.

Mark Ward had a 5lbs grilse from the Tailrace early in the week and Chris Cairns had a lovely fresh 13lbs salmon towards the end of the week. But perhaps most notable fish of the week was Andrew Shaw’s 5lbs grilse from Kitten Pool. The poor thing had been attacked viciously by a predator – almost certainly a seal – but had somehow made it upstream with its open wounds, proving the point again that a wounded salmon is often a good taker.

With the low water set to continue I fear the seals might do better than the fishers again this week. We continue to pray for rain and cool nights…..

Andrew Shaw’s badly seal damaged fish
Chris ‘Dibble’ Cairns’ cracking salmon from the Tailrace


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