Week ending 18th May. Off the mark at last

With the last fortnight offering nothing by way of any rain, it has been an understandably slow start to the 2019 season. The river has barely budged above minus 4 since we started fishing!

Nevertheless persistence pays even in seemingly hopeless conditions and regular guest of the Mann party, Ron Powell from Oregon, got our season off the mark with a 9lbs springer from the top of Pollock on Beat 2. It was taken at 6.30am and several fish were seen on the beat that morning before the sun got up. Interestingly the fish was slightly coloured, suggesting that they had been creeping up despite the desperately low conditions. Indeed the mix of visiting and local rods out this week all reported seeing the odd fish here and there on the beats.

For those who accepted the state of affairs and took out the trout rods, they had some tremendous sport. I would estimate that well over 100 decent trout were caught by the relatively small number of rods fishing, many of them taken on dry fly off the top. The biggest reported weighed 3.5lbs.

Not much in the way of decent rain is forecast for next week but there is due to be more cloud cover. This may encourage more fish to creep up the river under the cover of darkness. We may also start to see some fish appearing at the Tailrace, which can fish well in these conditions.


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