Week ending 27th July

With a turbulent week of monsoon-like rain one minute and scorching 28C temperatures the next, it was a pleasing result to record a total of 15 fish up to 20lbs landed on the private beats this week. The rods did well to catch what they did bearing in mind the river never came below 2ft all week and at one point shot up to over 4.5ft after a particularly vicious downpour in the headwaters. As has been the story of much of this season so far, there has been a surfeit of water for fish to run hard on – luckily though there were some signs this week that there were one or two beginning to rest in the main stem at last. This should hopefully hold more fish up over the coming weeks.

Local rod Robert Ralston got the week started with an early fish on Monday of 5lbs from the Falls Pool. He then went on to have a cracking week landing a total of 4 fish – adding to his Monday fish with an 8 pounder from Garrabouie Flats, a 6 pounder from the Graveyard and finally a fresh 9 pounder from Lundy Mouth.

Lochy regular David Snead paid his annual visit to the river this week and his party landed fresh grilse from Middle Camisky, Golden Burn and Garrabouie Stream. They lost several as well.

Members of the Inverlochy Angling Club, fishing the private beat rotation this week, did well and club secretary Chris Cairns had a 10lbs salmon and a fresh 7lbs grilse both from Lundy Mouth. Rab Lees also scored a double with a 13lbs salmon from Big Rock on Beat 4 and a fresh 5 pounder from Upper Camisky. Ian Lamont and Brian Tolmie were also on the scorecard with fresh grilse from Beat 4.

Special mention though goes to local keeper Mike Rhoden who was fishing one of Ivor Dunbar’s rods – Mike landed a sparkling fresh 7lbs fish from Governor and then followed it with the heaviest fish of the week, a lunking 20lb salmon from Pollock on Beat 2. The fact that this large hen fish was colouring up suggests that the lower river is beginning to hold some residents which should bode well for the coming weeks. As August fast approaches and the warm weather persists we will have to hope that the water temperature does not climb too high (I hear that fishing has been stopped in parts of Norway in recent days) and our residents do not become too sluggish or the fresh fish are held back in the cooler water of the estuary. The long-term weather forecast is rather vague at the moment.

Finally, the last capture of the week was a male pink pacific salmon landed by Maciej Gniewowski on Mucomir Pool. This is the first one of these alien invaders ever recorded on the Lochy. Please will all Lochy anglers note that all pink salmon should be dispatched and reported to your ghillie or a member of the river management team. A photograph for identification purposes is below but full details and further photos can be seen on the Fisheries Management Scotland website www.fms.scot

Mike Rhoden with his big hen fish (the photograph does not do the fish justice – Mike is a big guy!!)
Brian Tolmie, one of several local rods who all caught fresh grilse this week
Male Pink Pacific Salmon caught this week at Mucomir Pool


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