Week ending 2nd October

Wow! What a difference a week makes! And what a difference some water makes… at long, long last.

In spite of the relatively light fishing effort the rods landed a stunning 56 salmon and grilse this week. We caught more fish in the last 2 days of the week than we caught in the whole of August and September put together! (19 on Friday and 29 on Saturday). We knew the pools were well stocked but it just took the water to move them out of their deep summer resting lies.

There were a good number of notable catches – probably none better than John MacIsaac’s 10 fish to his own rod on Saturday including a stunning 20 pounder from Garrabouie Flats. John is a seasoned fishermen but it was the most productive day he has ever had. He tells me the Black Francis was doing particulary well.

Billy Neil had 15 to his rod for the week including no less than 9 grilse one day from Cat Pool. That is some achievement and gives a good indication of the health of the grilse run compared to recent years.

Chris Cairns is never far from the action in weeks like this and he landed 12 for the week including a 18lbs salmon from the tail of Big Rock and a 14lbs salmon from Mucomir.

But Chris also had his son Ryan with him on Saturday and I am delighted to say that Ryan managed 3 in a day from Beat 4, the first salmon he has caught in his short fshing career so far. Well done Ryan!

I am also delighted to mention another first – but this time up on the Spean (where the fishing was also good this week with the new water and several fish were landed putting the catchment total probably above 70 fish for the week). Jon Hart fishing under the watchful eye of local guide Andy Burton had a lovely cock fish of around 10lbs. Here’s to many more Jon!

The German-Ribon party had a good week with 8 landed including two 12 pounders from Graveyard On Beat 2. Peter Keyser and Maggie Heath both saw some of the action.

Other rods to score were DJ Gillies (with 2 from Beat 4 up to 14lbs); Colin Henderson (a 6lbs grilse from Mucomir); John Wilson (6lbs Rail End); Seymour Macleod (9lbs Mucomir); and finally George Brogan had a 6lbs grilse from Sluggan. George tells me he was competing with a seal on this semi tidal pool all the time he was fishing – a sign that there might still be fish coming in off the tide.

Next week is the last week of tenants on the river. Fingers are firmly crossed that the water lasts through the week. Overhead conditions look like they might be a bit more challenging though (some bright sun some days) so I would caution against fishing too bright or too big. A small Black Francis with a little bit of weight to get it down usually does the trick if the water is clear…

Jon Hart with his first ever salmon
Ryan Cairns with one of his 3 fish – the first of his fishing career so far
John MacIsaac’s 20lbs fish (left) and Chris Cairns with his 18lbs croc
A few of the others caught during the week – many of the salmon were in the mid teens


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