Week ending 3rd August

What was particularly encouraging this week was the mixture of both fresh salmon and grilse in the rod catch. Conditions again were far from ideal with some very humid weather conditions and water temperatures verging on the tepid, but the rods did manage to land some cracking fish. Again the river was fairly lightly fished and the catch would no doubt have been higher had the full complement of rods been out on the beats.

Regular Lochy fisher Donald Wilson had his annual party on the river this week and they enjoyed some good sport. The host got things off to a start with a fresh-run 5lbs grilse from Pollock on Beat 2. Austin Thorp took another fresh fish of 6lbs from Beech Tree on Beat 4, which I think is the first off this pool this season. Alex Valori landed a bar of silver of 5lbs from Croy and John Powell had a 4 pounder from Pollock. But undoubtedly fish of the week (and indeed one of the heaviest this season) was a stunning 18.5lbs summer salmon landed by Austin Thorp in Lower Camsiky on Beat 3. It is great to know that in amongst the pods of fresh grilse these heavy-weights are migrating up the river as well.

Chris Cairns also landed a lovely summer salmon this week down at the Tailrace – a tide-fresh fish of 9lbs – and local rod Robert Ralston continued his good run of the previous week by landing a salmon of 9lbs from Lundy Mouth.

Other rods to score this week were Aulden Dunipace (5lbs, Lower Camisky); Colin Henderson (5lbs, Falls Pool) and Forbes Elworthy (5lbs, Croy Pool). Least welcome fish of the week was Colin Henderson’s 10lbs farmed escapee from Garrabouie Stream – but thank you Colin for getting it out of the river. This is the first one of these this season and thankfully they have become something of a rarity in recent years due to better containment measures on the local fish farms.

With the sultry weather looking set to continue for a few days yet, we could do with a fresher air flow and a drop in water temperature – perhaps even a fresh splash of water to liven things up.

Austin Thorp with his big fish from Lower Camsiky
Chris Cairn’s 9lbs summer salmon from the Tailrace – a plump well-fed specimen that fought like a demon


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