Week ending 8th June

A week that was largely spoilt by too-high water, falling pressure, damp low cloud and unseasonably cold east winds. And with the river running at over 2ft for the whole week, combined with big tides, fish were running straight through to the Spean in a matter of hours and provided very little fishing possibilities on the Lochy (which, it must be remembered, is only the bottom 8 miles of a very large river system).

The Grimes party lost 2 fish early in the week, but apart from that the only news for most of the week was of fish being seen well up the catchment at Spean Bridge and fish beginning to gather against the turbine outflow at Mucomir.

Nevertheless it was all change on Saturday – the pressure started to rise again, the east wind fell away and the river dropped to just below the 2ft mark. The fish responded immediately and we had a good day. And this was in spite of very light angling pressure as the tenant parties had left for the week and only a few local rods were out.

Colin Henderson took a nice 8lbs fish from Upper Camisky in the morning – it was fresh as paint and no doubt running through. This was followed by a lovely deep-bellied salmon of 9lbs for local rod Jim Maclean taken at Mucomir Pool – it was covered in sea lice and looked as if it had run straight off the tide (and the fact that it was taken 10 miles up the river just showed how hard the fish had been running this week). Last fish of the day was another 9lbs fish from Lundy Mouth at the bottom of Beat 4 taken at the height of the evening tide – a good omen perhaps for next week as fish are still running in on every tide at the bottom of the river.

The river continues to be very lightly fished and this will also be the case next week. Rods are available all week and at just £240 + VAT for 3 day’s fishing represents outstanding value. Contact river@riverlochy.com for details.

Jim Maclean with his sea-liced 9 pounder from Mucomir Pool


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