The Tailrace Beat

Tailrace Beat


  1. Stream above Tailrace (L) :  Fishes from both banks, more comfortable on right bank. Fishes best in lower flows. Start just where the water breaks after coming through the bridges. Fish down to where the flow joins the fast smelter outflow. Fish can often be taken at the very top of stream or just as it joins the outflow. RB access is via the footbridge across the river as you need to park on InverLochy Castle side just next to bridge. Walk 50yards along the roadside and take the small path through the trees down to the pool.  
  2. Tail Race (L-M) :  Fishes from both sides. If fishing from right bank there’s 2 parts to this pool. The first part is just opposite where the outflow enters the river on the left bank.  This causes a large back eddy where the water actually goes in the opposite direction. Fish this section as you would do normally but you are facing upstream. This area is good for hitching and fishing a Sunray fast near the surface. The second section is opposite the large boulders on the left bank where the flow comes out of back eddy and forms a fast current downstream.  Long casting is needed here to cover as much water as possible. Fish this all the way down for about 70-100yards.  Half way down the flow slows up and deepens. This can be a key taking spot also. Fishing from the left bank starts when standing on the large boulders just at the outflow.  This area gets fished a lot by the IAC members as it’s a known taking spot just off the main current close to the left bank.   However it is worth fishing the whole pool.  No wading on left bank.
  3.  Larder pool (L-M):  Below the power lines over the river. This pool can be fished from both banks, but only from dry land on the left bank. It probably fishes best at a mid tide from the shingle on the right bank, especially if the river is low. Can be a very good bet if the upriver pools are struggling for water.